Updated: 30.06.2022
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Yamaha dtx 400 k vélemények

DTX400 Sound Demo 110 Maple Custom Kit

DTX400K Pad Configuration. Overall as far as constructing the set, anyone can do it, even inexperienced musicians would not have a problem. Though electronic drum kits are usually complex, the Yamaha DTX400K electronic drum is surprisingly simple to use.

Review Drum Yamaha Dtx 400k

Yamaha s entry-level DTX400K is a good kit for the money. This might be a bit of an issue for a beginner without any support from someone that has used electronic drums before. A row of 10 buttons is spread across the upper part of the module, clearly labelled 1-9, with the final button labelled 10 0.

X5 Music Review 1 Yamaha DTX 400k

However, those parameters are probably ones you tweak once during the initial setup, and as the kit is primarily aimed at home use, having to make adjustments on the fly at a gig is unlikely. The ride bell can be triggered by playing with added force on the cymbal pad. 7-inch drum pads for excellent playability and durability.


Song beat app compatible with iPhone, laptop, iPad, iPods. It is among the latest electronic sets to be indoctrinated into the successful DTX family by Yamaha. Training Practise.

TEST Yamaha DTX 400 K

Simply pick your desired kit sound and choose a track from any of the 10 song types. Adjust each tom individually Muffle the sounds individually Adjust the virtual size of the pads. The 10 factory preset kits sound fantastic and are all very usable.

Yamaha DTX402K Recording Test

All cymbals are of the same size and have the same playing response. DTX400 module with 169 drum sounds New KU100 kick unit Large 10 inch Ride and Crash cymbals and 10-inch Hi-hat cymbal. One of the downsides to rubber pads is that their feel and rebound does not live up to real brass cymbals.

Unboxing drum elektrik YAMAHA DTX 400K

HH65 remote hi-hat. I d rather have a drum kit that sounds like drums. The bass drum pedal has internal triggering so there is no pad or beater required.

Yamaha DTX 400 test 2012

The cymbal pads are single-zone. A control pedal then connects via the brain module for open and closed hats. Setting up the kit as an orthodox five-piece is easy to do but there is not much room for deviation.